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River cane blowgun quiver






The typical Cherokee bow is a black locust or osage, 55-70" long, about 1" to 1 3/8" wide Eastern Woodlands-style flat-bellied D-bow that bends slightly through the handle. Usually diamond nocks on both ends. The limbs don't taper in width much throughout their length, usually winding up nearly 3/4" wide or so at the nocks.



Cherokee pistol, 1843

The inscription on this pistol identifies its maker as Salola (Squirrel), a blacksmith in the Oconaluftee settlement of Quallatown, North Carolina, who provided all the settlement's axes and plows. In addition, he manufactured "a number of very superior rifles and pistols," as a white visitor who met Salola in 1848 noted. "A specimen of his workmanship . . . may be seen at the Patent Office in Washington, where it was deposited by Mr. Thomas [in 1845]; and I believe Salola is the first Indian who ever manufactured an entire gun".