Cherokee Registry

Cherokee land taken for WWII P.O.W camp

Camp Gruber was located in the Northeastern Oklahoma. This Cherokee land was taken to create an internment camp for POW's and Americans of Japanese descent. The U.S. government condemned a fifty square mile area if Cherokee land. This is land that had been distributed to Cherokee individuals by the Dawes Commission during the U.S. governments efforts to remove power from the tribal leaders. Even though the land "belonged to" at individual, if he/sh was more than 1/2 degree Indian blood the government held the land "in trust". That meant that the "owner" could live there, but couldn't sell the land, yet the government could. And if they did, the money was also "held in trust".

During WWII, U.S. government took the land from 45 such families and only gave them 45 days to get out. They lost crops, animals, schools, cemetarys, and friends. They had no way to move other than with horses and only given a token payment of $25 per family for expenses.